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Glossary - (Information sheet 3)

BP blood pressure
Carer parent, friends, relatives, partners and anyone who supports you with your diabetes.
Cholesterol levels a blood test can measure your blood fat
Fundoscopy pupils of the eye are dilated with drops and a healthcare professional will check them for vessel changes.
HbA1C measures blood glucose control over the previous 3 months (your long-term blood glucose control). The range to aim for should be 7% or below
Hypoglycaemia (hypos) low blood glucose levels - below 4mmol/l.
Hyperglycaemia high blood glucose levels - above 4mmol/l.
Ketones dangerous chemicals, which can be produced in the blood if the blood glucose level is very high.
(Can be present in the urine which smells of acetone)
Ophthalmologist doctor with specialist training in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the eyes.
Optometrist person trained to perform eye examinations and test for eye problems. They do not treat eye disorders - see ophthalmologist.
Podiatrist/chiropodist person with expert knowledge in foot care
Sharps needles/syringes, lancets
UKPDS research trial United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study. A 20-year clinical research study of Type II diabetes, which showed that complications can be reduced significantly by appropriate treatment. September 1999.

Further information:

Local Support Group
Diabetes Aware Southern Test Valley - Telephone 01794 515126

National service frameworks:
For copies of the National Service Framework for Diabetes: Standards (NSF) for England, contact:
The Dept of Health, PO Box 777, London SE1 6XH or

Diabetes and Diabetes UK:
Diabetes UK Catalogue describes their full range of books and leaflets. For copies of this and other Diabetes UK leaflets, please contact: Diabetes UK Distribution PO Box 1057, Bedford, MK42 7XQ Telephone 0800 585 088 or ask at your local Diabetes Aware Support Group

If you would like further information on any aspect of diabetes contact:
Diabetes UK Careline 10 Parkway, London NW1 7AA Telephone 020 7424 1030 (a translation service is available) Text phone 020 7424 1031 Email - Monday Friday, 9.00am 5.00pm

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